This is me shaking my tiny fist at you, Muse

(or NaNoWriMo 2012: It Begins Again)

I think, inadvertently drawing inspirations from things I’ve been reading, listening to, and seeing lately, I’ve managed to stumble into this year’s NaNoWriMo project. So I have the four and a half months or so until November to outline, reasearch, doodle character sketches, and otherwise prep to my heart’s content. But that also means I have four and a half months of resisting the urge to start writing. Clearly, my muse takes great pleasure in playing dirty tricks on me. Anyone out there started having NaNo2012 meetings yet? -.-

To give myself something to focus on during work-ups than the want-to-write, I want to try J.K. Rowling’s plotting style and see if it’s useful for me, and other exercises to help me get stuff lined up mentally before the big day. I also need to finish getting my work-space set up in the new house so I have a place to hermit myself away in while I’m writing. Four and a half months should be plenty of time. … Right? >.>

Say Marge, what kind of preparations do you like to do before a big project?