Girlchik.com is the blog — okay, one of — of El Wes (that’s me!), reader, web-junkie, and she-geek extraordinaire.

This site focuses mostly on topics of a creative nature, like my writing and art (when I can be convinced to spend time scanning stuff :p). You’ll also find more focused topics, like my thoughts on the growing digital publishing industry and the phenomenon of crowdfunded web literature and other emerging independent publishing methods (I’ve been following the crowdfunding trend for a few years now, and it’s been crazy interesting to watch it grow).

There will probably be posts about music and crafts, reviews on books/weblit, and commentary on technology as it applies to creativity and publishing. If you’re looking for tech babble, politics, science or other geekery of a harder sort, check out my other blog Tabard’s in!. Girlchik is where I’ll be going for destressing and mentally relaxing, so you won’t find any of that stuff here. :)


As of June 2011: Girlchik got a makeover with Ian Stewart’s Powered By theme. Tweaking is still (always) in progress, but even out of the box, this theme was clean and seemed to have more focus on the content than the fixin’s.

August 2010: “Girlchik’s Universe” is a child of the Universe theme by Tristar Web Design, and (perpetually) a work in progress. (Though the more I work on it, the more I think I should just create an entirely new adaptation of the original theme which is updated for 3.0.) Any graphics used are my own creation, except where noted.

Reading, writing, art, and the occasional mad ramble