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Review: Fire in the Void

Short, and to the point: I have a new favorite Jokka short! :D

The slightly longer version:
“Fire in the Void” is a newly-released Jokka story from M.C.A. Hogarth. In this world, females must reproduce to keep their people from dying out, but the fragility of the Jokka means they eventually lose their wits to childbirth. The social structure is based on survival of the race, and as such can be…rigid and dark at times. Inevitably, many of the stories focus on Jokka who want to escape the strictures of their society and its gender roles, to live and love as they wish, but Fire ends up being just a little different.

Keshul, the main character of “Fire in the Void,” seems perfectly happy with his life. He’s a charlatan, the equivalent of our world’s psychic advisors and palm readers, offering common sense advice to Jokka who come to him with questions and offering money. Or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work, until someone comes asking, and the Void gives answers Keshul thinks could be bad for business.

The archetype of the reluctant oracle is one of my favorites in storytelling, so this one really grabbed me, and of course I ended up wanting to know much more than these mere 5700 words can encompass.

Want to see for yourself? It’s a steal at $.99, and you can have your pick of ten digital formats on Smashwords, or get the Kindle version on Amazon. This ebook comes complete with striking cover illustration, also by M.C.A. Hogarth.